We are very proud of the dogs produced at ENRYB. Some are top showdogs and are CHAMPIONS in the breed, many are working companions who are seen out and about on shoots with their proud owners and many are much loved family pets. Here is a selection of our litters where you may be able to see your own puppy's very first days ! CLICK on each of the litters to see the photographs and for a trip down memory lane !! and see if you can spot your dog as a baby puppy !!


PURDEY'S PUPS 2014 ! - D.O.B 7th May 2014

TESSA'S litter 2013 ! - D.O.B 25th April 2013

BETTIE's PUPS 2012 - D.O.B 20th August 2012

BETTIE'S PUPS 2010 -D.O.B 18th September 2010

HOLLY'S PUPS 2009 -D.O.B 13th March 2009

TRUDIE'S PUPS 2008 -D.O.B 14th April 2008

CURLEY'S PUPS 2007 -D.O.B 9th September 2006

HOLLY'S PUPS 2006 -D.O.B 31st March 2006

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