We have repeated this mating...puppies due 19th September 2010.

Puppies arrived 27th August 2009 .... 7 boys & 2 girls.

CH Enryb Secret Party JW Sh CM (Monty) x Enryb Party at the Palace (Bettie)

These puppies are from top champion show lines and working stock. Enquiries regarding the breed and availability of puppies are always welcome.Happy to provide advice on our lovely breed.

Tel. 01706 882253 or e-mail

Scroll down and watch them grow !!!!!!!!!!

Just a day old..The 7 boys and 2 girls!!

A very happy and sensible Mum !!

2 days old today !! and fattening out. control of the new family !!

5 days old today and all doing well.

Wonder what my name will be ??

A 9 day old pile of pups !!

A sleepy fat boy at 11 days old !

Its a hard 12 days old !!

We can only fit 5 of us in the basket now we are 2 weeks old!

Hello..I'm one of the seven brothers !!

Two sleepy girls at two weeks old.

Growing fast at two and a half weeks.

The boys club !!!

Three lads, nearly 3 weeks old!

The twin girls !! almost 3 weeks now

Porridge at last at 3 weeks !

Hellooooo. I' can sit up now on my own !

Handsome chappie aren't I !! 3 weeks and a day !

Porridge makes me very sleepy !!!!

No use asking Grandad Tommy to babysit..he falls asleep !!

We got new collars now..aged 3 weeks +


The girls ..... Miss Pink & Miss Lemon aged 3.5 weeks

Mr Light Blue ..aged 3.5 weeks

We've been outside this morning ! A bit chillly!

Whats that ?? Getting inquisitive at 4 weeks

I'll tell you a secret !! aged 4.5 weeks

Mr Burgundy doing his first stand at nearly 5 weeks !

Big boys playtime !!

Mr dark green .. he loves cheese !

The Cheeky girls ..nearly 5 weeks now

Mr Red the sleepy head ! 5 and half weeks now.

Mr Burgundy perfecting his stand !

Its a very hard life !!!

Seven handsome boys ....aged 5 and half weeks !!

Don't stare at me please ! Aged 6 weeks

Miss Lemon..what a clever 6 weeks

Boys.. now 6 weeks !

Grandad Tommy & Dad Monty ! I won't be paying these two babysitters !!

"Enryb Ready To Party" ... destined for Czech Republic.

Mr Dark Blue 6 & half weeks now and all grown up!

All together now..say cheese !!

I got the leaf !!

Having a lie in now aged 7 weeks !

Mr Red and Mr Dark Blue at 7 weeks old.

All grown up now and our last playtime all together..bye bye !!

Marrock in his new home in Gwent with Uncle Brice (Bettie's brother )!!

Rommel in his new home in Gloucester with Lex (A Tommy son) !!

Tyler ( alias Mr Light Blue) settled in at home !


Next ENRYB litter planned for Spring 2010 click here for details

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