Last updated Wed17th October 2012

Puppies arrived 20th August 2012 .... 1 boy & 3 girls..

CH & Irish Sh Ch Enryb Secret Party JW Sh CM (Monty) x Enryb Party at the Palace (Bettie)

These puppies are from top champion show lines and working stock. Enquiries regarding the breed and availability of puppies are always welcome.Always happy to provide advice on our lovely breed.

Tel. 01706 882253 or e-mail

Scroll down and watch them grow !!!!!!!!!!

Less than a day old..The 2 boys and 3 girls!!

Just me !! Stripey Pipey !

Hard work for Dads this "labour" thingy, so I thought I'd get myself an early night!!

Bettie and her pups, what a great Mummy !

Nearly 4 days old now.. and growing fast !

We love the 24 hour milk bar !

All sorted 5 days today

Getting very plump !!

Helllooooooo there.. nearly a week old now !

A lazy pudding girl 8 days old !

Very hungry !!

Trying to run before I can walk !! aged 10 days

11 days now !!

Hello... I can see ya !! 12 days today

I love to sleep like this..nearly 2 weeks now

Looking like little dogs now at 2 weeks

The sleeping beauty !!

Its a pile up !! Now 2 weeks and 2 days !!

Too big for this basket now.. lets get out !!

Two and a half weeks + and up and about now !

Cuddles from Carol !!

This is getting really really boring now !

At last Mothers made them some food !!

We've got our collars on now !! Aren't we posh !

Blue for a boy !!

Can I have some more... pleaseeeeeeeeee !

I need to sort these 3 girls out !!

Cheeky girls.. 3 weeks + now

Lovely breakfast.. all full up !!

Yeah.. I can get out of here now !! 3 and half weeks now

Ouch .. thats my nose

Playtime.. now 4 weeks old !

Mr Blue collar and the teddy !! at 4 weeks

Miss Burgundy has just squashed the bunny !!

I think I've grown up this week !!

Miss Burgundy out in the big wide world !

Everyone look to the left !!!

Does my bum look big in this ????.. Yes !!

Hello, do you think I'm a cute boy ?? !

Its raining.. again !! ... 5 weeks + now

I don't do rain !!

Smile please !!

Burgundy, Pink ,Green & the boy !!

Hmmm.. this looks interesting !

Say "Cheese".. when she whistles !!

Is this our Daddy ??

Well.. this is my Dad , I'm sure it is !!

Miss Green.. fast asleep

We look almost big, next to this little one !!

Miss Pink on the launch pad !!

I can do this posing ... no problem !

Hmmmmmmmm, thems my kids !!

Miss Pink - 6 weeks.. butter wouldn't melt !

Miss Green.. the wild child !! at 6 weeks

Miss Burgundy .... playing up ! at 6 weeks

I am the one and only !! Boy !!

All grown up in our big bed .. nearly 6 and half weeks now !

A bit of rain doesn't bother me !!

Enryb Olympic Party ! The boy aged 6.5 weeks

We've had a busy afternoon !!

Now 7 weeks old and Lotte has become an Essex girl today !

Then there were three !

Miss Burgundy .. my name is Mia !

Mia off to her new home..byeeeeee

Miss Lime Green... Enryb Hollywood Party !

Just us two now for another week !!

Enryb Hollywood Party "Star" a very wild child !!

Just me and my sis now for a few days !!

I think I left it down here somewhere ???

Its raining , can we come back in now please !! ??

Enryb Hollywood Party (Star), off to Devon with Ali !

Enryb Olympic Party (Bolt) here with Auntie Nic !


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