Bettie's puppies arrived 18th September 2010, 5 boys and 5 girls !! Well done Bets & Mont !!

CH Enryb Secret Party JW Sh CM (Monty) x Enryb Party at the Palace (Bettie)

The puppies from this litter are now all reserved for their new homes, the next ENRYB litter is planned for summer 2011.

Enquiries regarding the breed and availability of puppies are always welcome, we are happy to spend time in ensuring the breed is right for you and your family circumstances.

Tel. 01706 882253 or e-mail

Scroll down and watch them grow !!!!!!!!!! (updated 14th November)

We were the first three born !!

Lovely mum Bettie with her 10 pack ! Just 1 day old

Now 3 days old and putting on weight !

Sooooooooo very sleepy..6 days old

Ten little indians ...6 days old and getting rather fat bums !

Now 9 days old and doing well...

Little girl ..9 days old today !

Good stuff..the bars open tonight !!..11 days old.

There were ten in a bed ! 2 weeks old today

I can see today ! Miss Lemon at 2 weeks

The boys 2 weeks old.and............

The girls..all with new collars !

The happy couple........time Monty did a spot of babysitting !

I wish someone would call time !

Miss Pink with plenty to say ! Just 2 weeks + now

Two boys at 2 weeks +

Sweet dreams !....just over 2 and half weeks now

Thats my nose !

Peace at last, all worn out with playing !

3 weeks and proper grub at last !!!

Full of food at 3 makes you grow fast !

And then a top up drink from patient Mum,Bettie !

All asleep after our feed

George and Oscar with 2 boys

Please don't drop us George ! its a long way down !

Miss "sleepy" Pink..with a full tum !

Keep doing your push-ups sister ! 3.5 weeks now

Hello, I'm nearly 4 weeks now and can get myself out of here !!

Mr Red has been outside today...exploring !!

This grub is great ! we can't get enough !!

But grub sticks to your chin and ears !!!

Piled high nearly 4 weeks..wonder whose on the bottom !!!

Mr Black now 4 weeks +... Cutie !!

What a greedy boy.. Billy Bunter !

And the washing up is never done.. its hardwork says Grandad Tommy !!

Mr Stripey collar at 4 weeks+ with big blue eyes !

I'll just keep one eye open in case I miss anything !!

The girls ......... up to mischief

Miss Lemon nearly 4.5 weeks having a go at standing !!

Sleeping 4 and half weeks now

Get lost thats my skin you are tugging at !!

ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!

Helloooooooo I'm Mr Red and I'm 6 weeks now !

Lets kill the chicken sister !!

Miss Lime Green 6 weeks , but not as innocent as she looks!!

Handsome Mr Black, I'm a good boy !

The girls playing hard !

Clever boy , look at me doing this standing thingy.

I can cross my legs says Mr Dark Green.

Mr Dark Blue .... in the bucket !!

Miss Pink...sleepy again !

Mr Red , practising his stand as well. !

Pretty Miss Light Blue !

Very naughty, miss Lemon !

Not much room in here now !

I got the rabbit !!!!!!

I think I've seen a halloween ghost !!!!!

I got the best toy !

Very Very crowded inside, now we are 6 weeks old !

Monty says, at last the noisy kids have gone outside, I'll have this bed to myself now!!

Miss Purple waiting to pounce !

Pink and Purple, just can't sit still !

Mr Dark Green, behaving better now !

The girls tucking in at 6.5 weeks now

Miss Lemon, Miss Pink, Miss Purple at 6.5 weeks

Mr Black a very good stand at 6.5 weeks !

Look at me now....Mr Stripey at 6.5 weeks..all grown up !


Miss Light Blue ..."Grace"..practising with her new Mum, Julie

Mr Dark Green "Winston"..gone to Cornwall with new Mum Emily, and Mark !

Mr Blue, aged 7 weeks+ ... destined for Germany !

Mr Red and Mr "Casper and "Winston" !

Mr Red " Winston" now gone home with Steven & Steph!

Mr Blue at 7 weeks ... Staying awhile until his trip to Germany !

Erin takes Miss Purple home !

Miss Esther at home in London amongst the leaves !

Callum and Seb ( Mr Blue) about to set off for Germany ! Bon Voyage.

Which has left me "Tessa no mates !" Enryb Party Surprise !


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