Mum said we were having a house party on Christmas Eve and we had to be good!! ...so in the afternoon we all went on the moors in an attempt to make us tired...................as if!!

It was great fun, cold but sunny...........

Tommy took Monty to find grouse..Monty's first experience of birds

Curley went for a swim by mistake ! she forgot about the deep bit !!..it was rather cold!!

We found lots of interesting things in the reeds........and then with tired legs we went home to get ready for the christmas eve party....

Tommy was the guest of honour, he thinks he's a V.I.D (very important dog) .... it must be because he's a "Christmas Party" !!!

On christmas morning we got up early, we couldn't wait to open our presents....we must have been very good dogs this year...........look at what we got...!!!!!!!!!! and then we got stuck in...all of us together, we had a ball !!!

Thats me (Monty) with Curley..we got the first ones open in no time

I got a great big orange crocodile with a deep croak! Its brill !

My Dad, thats Tommy.. he got a christmas stocking full of goodies that we all can share later.......... Mum said not to eat them all today

I also got a singing furry fish!!!!! for my first christmas

Then Tommy and Monty played tug of war with the furry sqeaky snowball that the neighbours sent us!!

Then Holly decided that she would be the new owner of the crocodile and has adopted it.....in other words.. "Its Mine"!!

We had a great time playing with our new toys.....with our new green furry mobile phone too!!

Later we all had some turkey with our dinner and some treats too. by 10 pm a very tired Tommy took himself off to bed, with sweet dreams of a lovely christmas day......... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


We hope you enjoyed our ENRYB christmas photos!!! we had a great time............hope you did too!! Have a wonderful new year.... xx




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