THE HANDSOME TOMMY BYRNE.. he just loved christmas and always thinking of him xxxxxx

here's what the kids have got up to this year >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !!!!!!!!!!

WE had a lovely ENRYB walk on 23rd December with 9 weimaraners and our friends !

Who brought me the most fantastic cake I have ever seen !! Even my hair looked right !

We had pressies and bucks fizz !!

All togged up ready to go !

Nine weimaraners having a ball !!

At the top ..twas windy up there !!

The pied piper with mulled wine at the top of the moors !!

On the way down !!..then we made for the pub..a lovely day had by all

Christmas day.. and Monty says Santa Paws has been.. cos we have been good all year !

Jack & Monty straight in to pressies sent from Aunty Nic !!

Bettie sneaks some goodies away to her bed !

Monty grabs a Turkey jumbo bone !

JACK opens his treats !

Still plenty left to open !

Trudie got a lovely boot full of treats !

All ready to go out for our Christmas day walk !!!

We had a great Christmas time.. heres wishing you all a very happy and successful 2013.. and we are hopeful for some more little ENRYBS to make an appearance soon xx







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