( Page updated 19th September )

We are over the moon with the beautiful puppies that Peter and Zoe produced on the 17th July 2019

The puppies are all now settled in their new homes.. GEORGE has stayed at ENRYB HQ.!!!

We will watch their progress with interest and hope to repeat this mating in the future.

Scroll down to follow their journey from birth to 9 weeks.


"PETER" ...................The proud parents ! ................"ZOE"

The new family are 4 boys and 3 girls arrived safely on 17th July 2019

Day One.. Zoe settling in to her new job !!

Day 5 .. and doubled in size already !!

Nine days old and like puddings !!

All happy and content, Mum Zoe is doing a grand job x

Growing like weeds !!

Happy and content !


Hello .. I can see you !!..2 weeks old now !!

Fat boy slim !!!

Finding our feet now and our hair is growing too !!

We are all coloured coded now !

Mr Grey, Blue, Green and Burgundy, Misses Turquiose, Pink, and Orange !

First proper grub !!! Yumeee !

I enjoyed that !!!

Fed, watered and full tums ..Peace !!!

Grubs up .. loving it !!

Miss Orange and Mr Grey !!

Theres always one !!!

Billy no mates !!!

Left to Right..Mr Green, Grey, Burgundy and Blue !!

Left to Right ..Misses..Pink, Turquoise, and Orange !!

Mr Green and Mr Blue boys ! nearly 4 weeks now

We need two pizzas now !!

Playtime !!

A very serious Miss Orange !!


Playtime in the rain !

Staying snug.. too wet to come out to play !!

Oh, my goodness , she's got me doing this show standing business !!

Mr Grey and Mr Burgundy.. 5 weeks tomorrow !

We have a mountaineer in the camp !!

Miss innocent Turquoise.. don't be mislead !!

Theres always one fool !!

Miss Turquose 5.5 weeks now !

Miss Orange 5.5 weeks and looking rather smart !

Mr Grey .. 5.5 weeks !

Miss Pink.. I manged to get her to keep still for 2 seconds !!

Here we all are nearly 6 weeks now !!

Seven posing !!

Mr Green aka "Stanley" now 6.5 weeks old !

Mr Blue .. strutting his show stance !

Mr Burgundy with his toy !

Mr Sleepy Blue !!

The Triplet sisters at 7.5 weeks now !!

Mr Burgundy and Mr Grey at 7.5 weeks !!

The hairy twins Mr Green and Mr Blue..7.5 weeks !!


How time flies !! eight weeks old now and these gorgeous gingers are leaving for their new homes.

Mr Grey ... ENRYB RED FOR DANGER .. "Hugo" with Lottie !

Mr Green ... ENRYB RED RED WINE "Stanley " with Darren !

Miss Orange.. ENRYB ROSES ARE RED "Frida" with her new brother Rocket !

Mr Burgundy ... ENRYB MOULIN ROUGE "Eric"

Miss Pink.... ENRYB MISS SCARLETT "Maggie"

Miss Turquoise ...ENRYB SCARLETT O'HARA " Robyn"

And the one that stayed at ENRYB HQ !

Mr Blue ENRYB SIMPLY RED .... "George"


07774 782643 or e-mail enrybgundogs@gmail.com

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